Yoga Marathon “Serving Southern Africa”

Saturday, November 23
Dance Studio, Palestra
8:30–16:00, Doors open: 8:30



Gentle Hatha Flow with Amy


Move slowly through a series of asanas (postures) to strengthen and align your body, mind, and spirit. This practice will leave you feeling clear, balanced, and refreshed.

10:00–10:15Tea Break
Vinyasa Flow with Mara 

Dynamic class linking breath with movement. It builds heat, strength, and flexibility through intelligent sequencing of asana (postures).

11:30–11:45Tea Break
Ashtanga Yoga with Giuliana

Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures. It produces intense heat that helps detoxify muscles and organs. It helps develop a strong body and a calm mind.

Lunch Break
Inside flow with Mara 

If you like music and you like yoga, Inside Flow is meant for you. It’s an evolution of vinyasa yoga created by Young Ho Kim (@insideyoga). Everything flows with the music: your heart, your yoga. In Inside Flow, you are singing a song with your body.

Tea Break

Yin practice with Aurelie

The more gentle Yin practice allows you to reach various layers of your body. It works not only on the muscles but also on tendons, ligaments, and the fascia. All levels are welcome.


For each paid lesson you attend, you get one raffle ticket to win the following prizes:

  • 50% discount on a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, at Radianlty Alive studio.
  • 2 free yoga classes at Yoga Roof during regularly scheduled classes.
  • 1 free yoga class with Giuliana at her home studio (choice of Yoga Ashtanga or Yoga Nidra).
  • 1 Free Hatha/Vinyasa class with Mara at Mytreeyoga on Mondays (16:20–17:30).
  • 1 Free class with Amy at Mytreeyoga during regularly scheduled classes. (
  • 1 Free class with Courtenay, owner of Mytreeyoga (, during regularly scheduled classes.

Registration Information

Session Registration:

CHF 20 per session


Optional Donation for Serving Southern Africa

Information about "Serving Southern Africa"

While confronting stereotypes about life in Africa and its people, TASIS students spend the year learning about the challenges of development and economic growth in rural Africa. For two weeks in June, students assist in rural and urban communities in Zambia, helping the elderly, volunteering at the local preschool, assisting with the provision of medication at a local hospital, planting trees, holding art workshops for street children, and transforming the community through their service.

Learn more:

"Balancing Two Realities" by Esma Karuv '19

"Hungry to Do More, TASIS Student Makes Return Trip to Zambia" by Anastasia Kolesnikova ’18

"Serving Southern Africa Trip Defined by Hard Work, New Friendships" by Adam Novak '17


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