TASIS Featured in Kulturplatz's "Look at the USA" and Episode of Il Quotidiano
Posted 11/05/2020 11:35AM

 Swiss television program Kulturplatz visits TASIS

As was the case four years ago, a camera crew from the highly respected national Swiss television program Kulturplatz visited TASIS on November 2 in anticipation of the 2020 United States presidential election. The resulting episode, “Look at the USA,” aired on SRF on the evening of November 4 and can now be viewed online

The Kulturplatz crew interviewed High School Dean of Students KC McKee and six American TASIS students, all of whom did a wonderful job articulating their thoughts about the momentous election. 

In addition, RSI stopped by campus on the afternoon of November to interview English Department Chair Dr. Christopher Love and Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board Jessica Surer for a piece that aired on Il Quotidiano later that evening. 

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