Elementary School Musical

Tom Canty and Prince Edward are born on the same day to two very different families in two very different parts of London. Tom, poor and unwanted by his family, is raised in the slums of Offal Court, where he dreams of being a Prince. Edward, drowning in the power and riches of royalty, dreams of what life might be like outside the castle walls. One day, the two look-alike boys meet and decide to swap places and experience life from a different perspective. Both learn valuable lessons throughout their respective journeys in this Mark Twain masterpiece about truth and mercy. 

This version of The Prince and the Pauper was adapted by Stephanie Figer, Michael Rosenbaum, and TJ Liquori, all of whom are veteran members of the TASIS Summer Programs’ Dedicated Performing Arts Team (DPAT). The musical is directed by Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Julie Frazier-Smith.


For more information, please contact Cultural Events Coordinator Simone Aeschliman at arts@tasis.ch or +41 91 960 5150

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