HS Weekly Bulletin | February 14, 2020
Posted 02/11/2020 10:00AM

Maybe foolishly, but 40 years ago I did dream of a school or schools that by bringing young people closely together in their young and formative tender years we might be able to ‘bond’ the world together in such a way that ties of understanding, compassion, love, and a sense of reality would create a saner, safer, better world.


– M. Crist Fleming (1996 speech)

“I would like to begin International Week with a quote from our founder Mary Crist Fleming from a letter she wrote to TASIS alumni in 2001: ‘I want to believe as I age that the dynamic of TASIS will go on forever—that it will continue to bring young people of the world together with a shared vision that the world is really one big family, that no matter what our color, race, or creed, we are all part of the human species, we are all human beings. All we need to bring us together is education, education to give us freedom from poverty, disease, and war. It sounds like a tall order, but through education it can be achieved, and TASIS must take the lead.’

I would like to say to you today that you are the community that Mrs. Fleming envisioned. You are the dynamic that she wished to go on forever, bringing together young people from around the world to share in the common values we have as humans—such as those inscribed over our library—together with the common goal of improving the world through education through a focused bettering of ourselves so that we may bring good to the world.”

– Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff at Monday’s Opening Ceremony

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 19 Construction and Logistics Meeting • 8:30, Palmer Center
Saturday, February 22—Friday, February 28  Spring Academic Travel
Friday, March 6 Portrait retakes
Friday, March 27–Sunday, March 29 HS Spring Musical
Saturday, April 4–Sunday, April 19 All-School Spring Holiday

Another Wonderful International Week Draws to a Close!

Please enjoy this article about Monday’s Opening Ceremony, which included remarks from Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff, a 62-nation Parade of Flags, the presentation of Torch Awards to 14 students, an IB Theatre presentation, and several outstanding music and dance performances. Photos from the ceremony can be found here.

The High School World Cup was held in the Palestra Monday through Wednesday and was one of the most tightly contested tournaments in recent history, with many matches coming down to penalty kicks. Both semifinal matches on Wednesday were scoreless at the end of regulation, with the Pink Panthers ultimately defeating Italia 5–4 in penalty kicks and Russia downing Tampico in a marathon 11–10 shootout victory. The final match also came down to a shootout, and the Pink Panthers prevailed over Russia 4–3 to earn the 2020 title!

Many more of School Photographer Kim Nelson’s photos from International Week, which featured lots of amazing food and plenty of impressive costumes, can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.

Student Activities Offered this Weekend

This weekend’s activities include a Valentine’s Day Celebration in the Snack Bar on Friday evening, a day trip to Como on Saturday, a trip to Ponte Tresa for sushi on Saturday evening, and a cookie-decorating activity in De Nobili on Sunday afternoon.

Weekend activities are open to all day and boarding students. Students can consult the HS Daily Bulletin for more details.

Construction and Logistics Meeting on Wednesday

This is a reminder that we will hold a special Parent Coffee for parents of students in all divisions in the Palmer Center on Wednesday, February 19, from 8:30–9:30 AM to discuss construction and transportation logistics. We strongly recommend that any parents who regularly drive to campus plan to attend this meeting.

Please refer to this announcement from Bill Eichner, Director of Institutional Advancement, for more information about our upcoming construction projects, which will affect our drop-off and pick-up procedures beginning on Monday, March 2.

Spring Academic Travel

All parents should have received an email from their children’s Spring Academic Travel trip leaders with itineraries and packing lists. Basic information about each trip is listed below, and please contact your child's trip leader, Academic Travel Director Natalie Philpot, or Global Service Program Director Danny Schiff with any questions. 

Upcoming Academic Travel and Global Service Program Trips
February 20–29 (HS) Trip Leader Emergency # Check-in Place Check-in time
Global Service Program: India Ms. Philpot 078 254 7825 Lanterna parking lot 15:45
Global Service Program: Kenya Ms. Sarcevic 078 822 4811 Gazebo 17:45
February 22–28 (HS) Trip Leader Emergency # Check-in Place Check-in time
Modern History: Poland Ms. Barciak 079 866 3924 De Nobili 6:45
Ski Adventure: Crans-Montana Mr. Diviani 079 398 30 17   Between 8:30 - 10:30
February 23–28 (HS) Trip Leader Emergency # Check-in Place Check-in time
Computer Science: Zurich Ms. Bloodworth 079 175 9754 De Nobili 13:15
Honors Literature: Greece Dr. Love 079 175 9790 De Nobili 7:20
Ancient & Medieval History: Greece Ms. Heard 079 866 3923 De Nobili 7:15
Ancient & Medieval History: Madrid Mr. McKee 076 392 4409 De Nobili 9:15
Ancient & Medieval History: Rome Mr. Byers 079 175 9807 Gazebo 11:45
US History: Paris & Normandy Mr. Izsa 079 866 3907 De Nobili 6:45
Performing Arts: Paris Ms. Forrest 079 866 3903 De Nobili 6:10
CERN: Bern/Geneva Mr. Knee 079 175 9739 Parking Lot 9:30
Economics/Business: Brussels Mr. Cawthorne 079 866 3774 Gazebo 14:45
Fine Art Retreat: Granada Mr. Dukes 079 866 3901 De Nobili 5:45
Introduction to Budapest: Hungary Ms. Baxter/Campenni 079 175 9958 De Nobili 10:15
IB II Retreat: Tuscany Mr. Stickley 079 175 9744 Parking Lot 7:00

Portrait Retake Day 

Portrait retake day will be held on Friday, March 6, from 8:00–16:00 in the MCF Library for any students who did not have their portrait taken in October. This photo will be used in the Yearbook and in Veracross, so it’s very important that students remember to go.

Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents,

Please refer to the following resources for the latest updates on the novel coronavirus, which at this time has not been identified in Switzerland.

As discussed in last week’s coronavirus update, we are closely monitoring travel plans for our students and employees for our Spring Holiday in early April and have also developed a protocols document to help guide our student travelers and faculty leaders for upcoming Academic Travel trips.

We will continue to provide updates as this situation evolves.

Best wishes,

Christopher Nikoloff

A Note About Graduation for Parents of Seniors and Postgraduates

Dear Parents,

Now is the time to start looking ahead toward celebrating the achievements of the class of 2020. You received an email from Mr. Nikoloff about graduation-related events before the Winter Holiday, but I wanted to provide a few reminders.

Graduation Attire
Please remember that attire for the Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 30, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Girls must wear white shoes and a white dress. Please ensure the dress is tasteful; dresses that are strapless or shorter than knee-length are not allowed.
  • Boys must wear a dark suit (black, dark gray, or dark blue), a tie, a white shirt, a belt, black socks, and dark dress shoes.

All seniors must have their graduation attire ready in time for a check-in on Thursday, March 26.

Dates and Times
Here is an overview of graduation-related events:

Tuesday, May 26, 10:10 Academic Awards Assembly
Wednesday, May 27, 10:10  Farewell Assembly
Wednesday, May 27, 18:30  Alumni Induction Ceremony
Thursday, May 28, 10:30  Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal
Thursday, May 28, 18:30  Senior Prom
Friday, May 29, 19:00  Refreshments on the Piazza, followed by Senior Banquet in the Palestra
Saturday, May 30, 10:15  Seniors and postgraduates assemble
Saturday, May 30, 11:00  Commencement, followed by a luncheon

If you have any questions about these dates, dress requirements, or anything else related to graduation week, please contact me at eleonora.pinton@tasis.ch or graduation@tasis.ch.

Thank you, and we look forward to celebrating the class of 2020 with you this coming spring!


Eleonora Pinton
Graduation Coordinator

Recent Parent Support Committee Meeting

The following topics were discussed at the HS Parent Support Committee (PSC) meeting on February 6:

  • English Department writing and instruction
  • Release date for the Fall Semester grade report 
  • Free time for students during Academic Travel
  • College Counseling changes for 2020–2021

Still Time to Order Your Personalized Water Bottle

Order your personalized, BPA-free, stainless steel, and refillable water bottle (500 ml) and help the TPA carry out its goals! Vibrant new spring colors have arrived, and these bottles would be great for your children to take on Academic Travel. The name of your choice will be engraved on the bottle, making this a unique gift idea for all occasions.

Please email tpa@tasis.ch with the color, name, and font you would like. Proceeds from this sale will go toward TPA eco-conscious initiatives and TPA events. 

No HS Bulletin Next Two Weeks

Because there are no classes during the week of February 24—28 due to Spring Academic Travel, please note that we will not send a High School Weekly Bulletin on Friday, February 21, or on Friday, March 28. Classes will resume on Monday, March 2, and our next Weekly Bulletin will be sent on Friday, March 6.

College Counseling News

Upcoming College/University Representative Visits

12th Grade and PG

  • Seniors should continue to update their college counselor as they receive university decisions. Students are responsible for supplying decisions for all transcript requests submitted.

11th Grade

  • It is recommended that all students take one SAT and one ACT in the spring of the junior year.
    • Please review the complete TASIS testing recommendations here.

9th, 10th, and 11th Grades

  • 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade students who took the October 16 PSAT and provided a valid email address were notified via email from College Board to access their scores online. A PDF copy of the presentation from the PSAT Score Release assembly can be seen here.
  • If you have a problem accessing your scores, please see Mr. or Mrs. Birk in the College Counseling Office (above the Health Center in De Nobili) or write to college@tasis.ch

Standardized Testing Information

  • Please review the 2019–2020 TASIS Standardized Testing Recommendations/Schedule
  • SAT test dates and registration deadlines for 2019–2020:
    • March 14—SAT ONLY/NO Subject Tests (Registration deadline: Feb 14)
    • May 2 (Registration deadline: April 3)
    • June 6—Subject Tests ONLY (Registration deadline: May 8)
  • ACT test dates and registration deadlines for 2019–2020:
    • April 4 (during Spring Holiday—test available at other testing centers)
    • June 13 (school closed—test available at other testing centers)
  • SAT/ACT prep course offered at TASIS
    • March 21-22 and 28-29
    • For students interested in this preparation for the SAT and/or ACT tests, TASIS College Counseling recommends that students take this course in the spring of the11th grade and then revisit the course in the fall of 12th grade (at no additional cost).
    • This optional course prepares students for both the SAT and ACT tests. For program details and to register for the course please visit asi-sat.com or email zmustafa@asi-sat.com. Informational videos are also available on the website under the subtitle “The ASI Difference.
    • Spring Semester Test dates:
      • March 7
      • April 25
      • May 16
    • Registration information and instructions, including the “bulk registration code” unique to each test date, will be sent from testcoordinator@tasis.ch when the registration period for each exam opens. TASIS students should register with the code, which is valid until 10 days before the exam. Registration during the 10 days prior to the exam is open to the public (including TASIS students) and can be done without a code. Please note that only 12 seats are available for each test administration. Early registration is encouraged.
  • Parents interested in receiving updates from College Board (SAT) and ACT can register by following these links: 
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