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TASIS to Host "Building the Future" Spring Gala on April 21
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The TASIS Parent Association invites all members of the TASIS community to attend the “Building the Future” Spring Gala in the Palestra on Saturday, April 21, at 18:30. Guests will enjoy a splendid evening of refined dining, music and dancing, and an auction and raffle that will include exclusive holidays, unique experiences, and gorgeous jewelry. Seats or tables can be reserved by clicking on the button below.

Register for the Spring Gala

This exciting event will help support the next steps of the TASIS Global Village development project. TASIS does not use donations to cover operating costs, all of which are funded by tuition, but has long relied upon the generosity of parents, alumni, and friends to advance its ambitious and forward-thinking Master Plan, which was first developed by classical architect David Mayernik in 1996 and is expected to be completed in 2028.

The primary focus of this spring's TPA Gala is to support the next major project on the Master Plan: Valzonico, an Elementary School Classroom Building that will be situated below Hadsall. This beautiful addition will add six spacious classrooms and will unify the TASIS campus by eliminating the need for Al Focolare, which is down the hill in Gentilino and currently serves as the Early Childhood Center.

To learn more about the history of the Global Village and to better understand why TASIS cannot reach its greatest height without the remarkable generosity of others, please review TASIS Global Village: Trajectory 1996 to 2028 and the companion booklet Making a Difference: Supporting TASIS.

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