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Volleyball - Girls (V) NISSA

Event Type: Tournament

Date: November 19, 2017

Result:2nd Place
Score:v. BSM 8-25, 14-25; v. ISM 25-16, 12-25, 12-15; v. SLS 7-25, 9-25; v. ASM 25-23, 25-20

Event Recap:

TASIS hosted the NISSA Varsity Girls Volleyball tournament on Sunday to close out the 2017 season. The girls started off the day against BSM, and the win seemed to come easily—almost causing the players to forget that it was due to their teamwork—but it was a strong start. The game featured excellent serving and defensive play at the net from Valentina Correa da Silva '19 and consistent assists and coverage from Charlie Staubach '19. Isabela Sofia Lima Felippe '19 and Cristina Cecilia Estevez '19 played good defense and had some great hits as well.

The ease of the morning victory was the possible cause of the lower expectations than necessary for the strength of the team's second opponent, ISM. The team exceeded the Tigers' presuppositions by far and gave them a run for their money in the first set. The TASIS girls recognized the challenge quickly and rose to the occasion, gaining back their point lead and winning the latter two sets for a victory. These challenging sets saw hard hits from Ally Pohl '19 as well as game-winning saves by Luisa Albuquerque Speiski '19. The Lady Tigers displayed more teamwork and determination in that game than the coaches had seen from them all season, demonstrating to the girls that their dedicated practicing and trust of one another all season had made them a successful team.

The girls won a match against SLS next and ended the day against their biggest rival, ASM. The game was an intense one, with fans, players, and coaches cheering through to the final point of the second set. Despite strong serves from Arina Kolesnikova '18 and smart plays at the net by Colombo, the Tigers lost their final match and had to settle for second place and a season split with ASM. The team can’t wait to get them back next season!

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