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Cross Country (MS)

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 28, 2019

Result:1st Place

Event Recap:

SGIS Cross Country Championships: Recap submitted by Coach Jill Sawyer-Price

Category D
CANGA, Olivia TASIS 26.16

Category C Girls (20 RUNNERS)
CHAMPION! McClellan Sarah TASIS 15.27
Bodnar Kyla 12th TASIS 18.19

Category C Boys (28 RUNNERS)
Sulla Max (6TH OVERALL) TASIS 14.27
Lim Max (19th) TASIS 16.54
Tortorella Giulio (20th) TASIS 17.51
Bukharin Platon (27th) TASIS 24.16

The annual SGIS cross-country championships took place on a glorious autumnal day, with a high turnout - 238 runners from schools all over Switzerland (teams from Zurich, Geneva, Berne and Basel competed against TASIS students).

The MS team consisted of:
Category D runners – Raffi Grigorian and Olivia Canga (running her first race for the TASIS team).
Category C Runners – Max Sulla, Max Lim, Sarah McClellan, Kyla Bodnar and Platon Bukharin and Giulio Tortorella (running his first race for the TASIS team).

Runners from both categories competed on the same pretty undulating 3.9 km course.

We are hugely proud of ALL of our runners!

Max Lim and Kyla Bodnar both looked strong, happy and fit at the end of the course. Both had made measurable improvements in their fitness and technique in the course of the week since our last race in Berne.

Both Raffi and Giulio were deservedly really proud of their stamina! Giulio had doubted his ability to run the entire course, but he sprinted in with a huge smile on his face and passed a runner or two in the home stretch! Raffi is improving his fitness and his technique with every practice and every race. Platon showed grit to end the race on a good sprint in to the finish line.

We were so proud of Olivia – only one training session and then showing the courage to run a course against the best runners Swiss international schools have to offer! She put in a heroic effort, and now has a new personal longest distance and best time to her credit!

Finally – two TASIS middle school all stars! Max Sulla recorded an incredible time of 14.27 minutes- our fastest runner, earning 6th place overall; while Sarah McClellan (15.27) romped home by a country mile ahead of her competitors, to win two Championship medals in two races! WOW!

We could not be prouder as coaches of our brave TASIS Tigers. You’ve thrown down a gauntlet to yourselves–let’s see how much fitter and faster we can become over the next month, before our final race in Como on October 22nd….

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