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Basketball - Girls (MS) A-ISSL

Event Type: Tournament

Date: January 27, 2018

Score:ISB1 32-8 TASIS; ZIS1 88-0 TASIS; ISZL1 14-2 TASIS; ICS1 54-10 TASIS

Event Recap:
The TASIS girls showed tremendous heart in the face of great adversity as they played teams that were both physically much larger and had been training together for a very long time. 

The girls were outmatched but certainly not outclassed as they approached each tough game with spirit and tenacity. The coaches were extremely impressed as the girls continued to fight through fouls, injuries, and exhaustion. 

Rather than give up, the team used the games as valuable training. They started to work as a team, and through the leadership of team captain Jane Wilson '18, the girls placed an emphasis on defense. With both exceptional rebounds and the forcing of turnovers, the girls demonstrated that they were never going to give up. 

The leadership qualities and scoring ability of Wilson were on full display this tournament as she continually motivated her team even in the face of strong competition. Olivia Garcia '18 demonstrated her excellent shooting skills as she managed to get on the scorecard every game except one. We would also like to highlight the outstanding defensive work and scoring of Sophie Ogilvie '18. In each of the four games, she led the team in steels, resulting in many more scoring opportunities for the team.
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