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Volleyball - Girls (JV) vs. American School of Milan (ASM)

Event Type: Scrimmage

Date: October 14, 2017

Score:25-9, 25-9

Event Recap:

The Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team showed many strengths during its games against the American School of Milan on Saturday. The team won the set by winning the first two games, and there were many factors that led to this. The first game featured strong hits from Alara Secilimis '20 and Xiana Russell '18. These two were set up by passes from the back row by Anna Collingwood '20 to front row setters Anna Alyakina '19 and Charlie Staubach '19.

The second game had many opportunities for Giulia Meregali '20 to show her strengths as a defender and a hitter. Meregali played strong defense at the net and earned several points for TASIS with her quick decision-making. TASIS also picked up its serving game during this match, with strong overhand serves from Mei Russell '20 and Emi Hansen '20. This game also showcased the developing skills of the two youngest hitters—Mavi Mosconi '21 and Donee Rollins '21. After a more heated competition in the second match, TASIS ultimately walked away with the win.

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