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Academic Profile 2017–2018

2017 IB Exam Results 

Number of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) candidates:

58 (worldwide average: 29)

Percentage of candidates earning diplomas: 

98.3% (worldwide: 81%)

Mean diploma score

31.7 (worldwide: 30.0)

Percentage of candidates earning bilingual diplomas:

53% (worldwide: 28.5%)

Highest TASIS IB Score: 


2017 AP Exam Results 

TASIS students took 107 AP exams (scored from 1-5) in 2017. 43 percent of scores were four or above, and 24 percent were a five. Eleven students were named AP Scholars.

University and College Acceptances

Over the past five years, TASIS students have been accepted to 391 universities and colleges in 20 nations. To view the full list of acceptances for the classes of 2013–2017, click here.

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