Car Rider Drop-off, Pick-up Information

For your child’s safety, please drop off and pick up your child within the times listed in this policy. TASIS cannot provide adult supervision outside of these specific times. Elementary-aged children who are left on campus unsupervised and outside the hours listed here pose a safety and disruption concern for themselves and others.

Please note:

  • Children may not be left unsupervised. If the parent is present on campus, the responsibility for the child’s supervision reverts to the parents.

  • The color-coded pick-up pass, which each year is distributed to all day student families either by mail or in person on Opening Day, must be displayed in the windshield of all cars when picking up students on the main campus. Please respect the times indicated on the back of the pass.

  • If your child must leave school outside of these hours, please submit your attendance request by clicking on the "Day Students Attendance & Transportation Request" link in the Veracross Parent Portal. Elementary School students must be signed out by an ES secretary. Middle and High School students must be signed out by a security guard at checkpoint (the gazebo by the main entrance to campus). 

  • The Day Students Attendance & Transportation Request form in the Veracross Parent Portal should also be used to report any changes to a student's shuttle route. In addition, any student who has not registered to use the shuttle service but would like to on a given day (e.g. to visit the home of a friend who is a regular rider) must have authorization from his or her parents through the Student Attendance & Transportation Request form.    

  • Our teachers want to keep your children safe and organized while ensuring that they board the right shuttle each day—especially at the Elementary School level. To help them do so, please inform the shuttle bus coordinator about all changes in your child’s transportation plan via the Veracross Parent Portal. Changes to the schedule must be made before noon on the day of the change.

  • Plan ahead! Please avoid last-minute changes in your child’s pick-up routine. Such changes pose a safety issue for the children and undue distraction at the busiest time of the day for teachers, secretaries, and shuttle personnel.

In case of emergency, please contact Shuttle Coordinator Ms. Svetlana Koreshkova at or 079 234 4378.

Drop-off and Pick-up Schedule

Pre-K to Grade 1 - Focolare  
Morning Drop-Off (Monday–Friday) 07:50–08:10
Afternoon Pick-Up (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 15:30–15:40
Afternoon Pick-Up (Wednesday) 14:30–14:40

Special note:
 For the first month or so of each school year, students in the Pre-K-3 program will have a soft start and finish. During this time, parents may drop their 3-year-olds off at any time between 7:45–8:30 and pick them up any time between 15:00–15:30.

Grades 2–5 - Hadsall / Aurora
Morning Drop-Off (Monday–Friday) 07:40–07:55
Afternoon Pick-Up (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 16:00–16:15
Afternoon Pick-Up (Wednesday) 15:00–15:15
Grades 6–8 - Middle School
Morning Drop-Off (Monday–Friday) 07:40–07:55
Afternoon Pick-Up (Monday–Friday) 16:15–16:25
Grades 9–12 - High School
Morning Drop-Off (Monday–Friday) 07:40–07:55
Afternoon Pick-Up (Monday–Friday) 16:15–16:25

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