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A Look at India
Posted 03/21/2017 04:00PM

Led by trip leaders Thomas Joyce and Eva Kirilova, students in the Gram Vikas Global Service Program group spent eight days in India working with Gram Vikas, an NGO that has been assisting the rural people of Odisha for more than 38 years. Prior to the journey, they learned about the different regions of India and researched educational opportunities for students in the areas Gram Vikas serves.

Tennessee Hildebrand ’17 beautifully captured the sights and sounds of India in this impressive video shot during the trip.

A gallery of photos from this year’s trip can be found here, and more can be learned about the Gram Vikas Global Service Program group by watching the video below.

Milo Zanecchia ’08 chronicled the 2015 Gram Vikas trip

TASIS Global Service Program

The Global Service Program was envisioned by Jan Opsahl ’68, who became the first international student at TASIS when he came from Norway in 1965. The pioneering program was launched in 2013 with major support from a most generous donation from Mr. Opsahl and his family to set up the Global Service Trust. This Trust, along with support from the TASIS Foundation, make this incredible, life-changing experience for our students possible.

The Global Service Program transforms lives by providing every High School student a unique opportunity to connect across borders through comprehensive experiences that build empathy and encourage personal responsibility. Participation in the program—which is designed to awaken students to humanitarian needs, inspire them to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships, and lead them toward a life of active citizenship and committed service—is a graduation requirement.

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