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MS Weekly Bulletin | June 1, 2018
Posted 06/01/2018 02:00PM

Kid, you’ll move mountains.

- Dr. Seuss

As the 2017–2018 Academic Year draws to a close, I would like to thank the entire TASIS community for an amazing year of discovery, growth, and service. I especially thank the students for their hard work and the teachers for their dedication. The student-teacher relationship is the battery that will power a brighter future. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer, and I look forward to seeing you all in August!

– Christopher Nikoloff, Headmaster

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 1 ES Musical • Palmer Center, 19:00
Monday, June 4 MS last day of classes
Tuesday, June 5 8th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony
Wednesday, June 6 Dormitories close
Saturday, June 23 TASIS Summer Programs open


Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

TASIS was proud to confer 103 diplomas to the Class of 2018 at the School’s 62nd Commencement Ceremony on the morning of May 26. Use the links below to read about Graduation Week and see lots of great photos.

Articles about Graduation Week
TASIS Presents the Impressive Class of 2018
TASIS Students Accepted to More Than 160 Universities and Colleges
TASIS Announces the Class of 2018 Graduation Awards
Enjoy the Inspiring Senior Banquet Speeches
Eight TASIS Students Inducted to Cum Laude Society Chapter
TASIS Honors Three Juniors for Admirable Service Record

Photos from Graduation Week
Wednesday afternoon: Farewell Assembly (also see Kim Nelson's amazing Farewell Slideshow)
Wednesday evening: Alumni Induction on Lake Lugano
Thursday evening: Prom on Lake Como
Friday evening: Senior Banquet
Saturday's Commencement Ceremony: General 1 | General 2 | Diploma shots (girls) | Diploma shots (boys)

Reminder: Parent Survey Closes on June 6

This is just a friendly reminder that the 2017–2018 Parent Survey will close on Wednesday, June 6. We greatly appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll be able complete the survey before then if you have not already had a chance to do so.

As noted when the survey was initially sent out a few weeks ago, we are working with Independent School Management (ISM), the largest independent-school consulting firm in North America, to conduct this year's survey. ISM has more than 25 years of experience surveying school constituencies and absolutely guarantees the anonymity of your responses. We will be provided with only the survey summary data, along with any recommendations ISM may have based on the survey findings.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!


Textbooks: Students must return textbooks to their teachers by the end of today. If the books are not returned, the TASIS Business Office will charge CHF 100 per textbook. This fee also applies for all missing library books. Fees for other kinds of books (workbooks, grammar books, etc.) may vary.

Summer Reading Lists: Please see required summer reading lists for EAL, English, and the Italian Section.

Summer Learning Resources: We realize that many of you would like to keep your children engaged in their learning process throughout the summer. In order to help support this effort, every year the Middle School puts together a list of recommended learning resources by subject that you can consider when trying to engage your child in the different disciplines they encounter throughout the school year.

MS Supplies List: Please see a list of student supplies needed for next year.

Exciting New Library Resource:TASIS’s continuing academic mission is to provide a relevant, challenging curriculum to its students—and to present that curriculum in an engaging, comprehensive manner. To that end, History Department Chair and High School Librarian Tom Mauro, High School Theater Director Valerie B. Carlson, and High School English Department Chair Dr. Chris Love have collaborated to bring an exciting new resource to TASIS Middle and High School students via the H. Miller Crist Library: Digital Theatre Plus, a 21st-century educational library of classic and contemporary plays, literary theory and criticism, theater history, and interviews with theater practitioners. Learn more on the TASIS website.

MS Assemblies & Awards

Magnificent Seven Award Ceremony
The Spring Semester Value Award Ceremony was led by the Random Acts of Kindness Service Learning Group during the MS Assembly on Wednesday, May 30. Congratulations to the award recipients!

Grade 6

Respect: Edoardo Vasino
Integrity: Alexander Bagrin
Responsibility: Marie-Nikol Gordeeva
Humility: Sarah Bjorck
Compassion: Camille Girotto
Service: Max Lim
Vision: Caroline Titland

Grade 7

Respect: Arina Kalashnikova
Integrity: Marina Krasovskaya
Responsibility: Michelangelo Vecchio
Humility: Mia Galmor
Compassion: Giovanni Barbieri
Service: Angelo Scancarello
Vision: Nika Grigorian

Grade 8

Respect: Martina Dinelli
Integrity: Anastasia Besanidou
Responsibility: Yuki Liu
Humility: Lukas Heuchert de Camargo
Compassion: Eleonora Anastova
Service: Sofya Rappaport
Vision: Riccardo Baroni

Spring Semester Passion and Commitment Award Ceremony
On Thursday, May 31, the Middle School honored students who have demonstrated excellent commitment and passion within a subject area. These students were selected by teachers not only for achieving academically in the classroom but for also showing a level of dedication that separated them from their peers. One student was honored from each course.

The criteria for a Passion and Commitment Award:

  • Student demonstrates outstanding commitment and passion in a specific subject
  • Student demonstrates this commitment and passion through outstanding initiative, leadership, intellectual depth, and development in the subject area

EAL Beginners Film Project Awards
During the Thursday Assembly, the following students were recognized for having participated in the EAL Beginning MS Film Project for three weekends this year (16.5 hours total). Film is part of the curriculum in EAL Beginning, and students viewed and analyzed A Christmas Carol, Hugo Cabret, and Romeo and Juliet (Zefferelli) this year.

Eleonora Atanasova
Yuqi Liu
Sofia Gozman
Marina Krasovskaya
Lea LeMat
Kirill Vavilov
Andrey Drogin

More photos from the MS award ceremonies can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.

Last day of school for MS students on June 4

Monday, June 4, is the last full day of school for MS students. Please see the alternate schedule below.

6th & 7th Grade & Advisors 8th Grade & Advisors
8:00–9:30 MS Advisory
8:40–9:30 Farewell Assembly Rehearsal (for those involved with Assembly)
8:40–9:30 Student Council Preparations at UBS (only for those who are preparing)
9:30: Walk to UBS Sports Complex 9:30: Depart for Splash & Spa
10:00: Structured games 10:00: Arrive at Splash & Spa
11:00: Supervised free time 10:00–14:15

Splash & Spa
12:00: BBQ Lunch
13:00: Structured games
13:45: Supervised free time
14:30: Walk back to school 14:10: Depart Splash & Spa
14:45: Arrive at school 14:45: Arrive back at school


Middle School Farewell Assembly

MS students will meet for the Advisor block from 8:00–9:30. All key bracelets must be brought to the advisors for collection. If a student does not return the bracelet, the family will receive an invoice for CHF 50. On that day, students must also clean out their lockers.

Dress Code for the day: TASIS PE uniform (also fine during the advisor block).

Dress Code for all those involved in the Farewell Assembly, during the Farewell: MS Uniform (NOT PE).

After the Advisor block, students will depart for the End-of-the-Year Activities.

6th and 7th graders:

  • Eighth graders will go to Splash and Spa. Sack lunches will be provided. Students should bring a bathing suit, towel, and flip-flops.
  • Sixth and seventh graders will participate in the Spirit Games at the UBS Sports Complex. Students should bring a bathing suit, a towel, a swimming cap, flip flops, ping pong paddles, and any other sports equipment they think they may want.

The last day of school will conclude with the MS Farewell Assembly and distribution of the MS Yearbook.

8th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony

The MS Moving-Up Ceremony for 8th-grade students will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 5, at 15:00, and there is a mandatory rehearsal for all eighth graders from 8:00–11:30 in the Palmer Center that day.

Please note that regular shuttle bus service will be provided in the morning on Tuesday, June 5 for all divisions, and in the afternoon for ES and HS students on that day.

After-School Program Offerings for 2018–2019

Fall Term (mid-September to mid-November)

  • MS Football/Soccer Boys (competitive) – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Football/Soccer Girls (competitive) – Monday 16:00-18:00 / Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • JV Girls Volleyball, with HS girls (competitive) – Monday/Thursday, 16:00-17:30; Tuesday 17:30-19:00; must come to practice at least twice a week
  • MS Boys and Girls Cross Country – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Lacrosse Boys – Monday, 17:30-18:30
  • MS Cheerleading – Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Glass Painting – Tuesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Choir – Tuesday, 16:00-17:30; this activity is a year-round commitment
  • MS Theater (CHF 550) – Thursday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Weekend Climbing Club (CHF 575) – Four Sundays in September and October; dates to be confirmed

Winter Term (end of November to mid-March)

  • Boys Basketball – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • Girls Basketball – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • Glass Painting – Tuesdays, 16:00-17:30
  • Dance – Wednesdays, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Musical – Tuesday/Thursday, 16:00-17.30; this activity ends in May after the final performance
  • Choir – Tuesdays, 16:00-17:30; this activity is a year-round commitment
  • Ski and Snowboard Club (CHF 500) – Four or five Sundays in January and February; dates to be confirmed

Spring Term (mid-March to end of May)

  • Track and Field – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Girls Volleyball (Competitive) – Monday/Wednesday, 16:00-17:30
  • MS Music Band – Thursdays, 16:00-17:30
  • Choir (will continue from the winter season)

Shuttle Bus Service Sign-Up Form for 2018–2019

Please note that next year shuttle buses for all divisions will leave campus every day at 16:00. (Note that on Wednesdays, shuttle buses for Elementary School students will leave campus at 14:55.)

The Shuttle Bus Service Sign-Up Form for 2018–2019 is available now. Please review the new Shuttle Service Routes Schedule and fill out the sign-up form if you are interested in using the shuttle service next school year.

Please note that all current submissions have to be renewed if a student will continue to use the shuttle bus service next school year. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Koreshkova at

TASIS School Uniform

This is a reminder that all TASIS students are required to wear uniforms. Students should be dressed neatly and cleanly, according to the uniform guidelines, throughout the entire school day. All students must have the TASIS crest on their top layer.

Shirts must be tucked in during class time (polo-style shirts are an exception). We ask that students avoid accessories (belts, shoes, etc.) that are emblazoned with brand names or are attention-grabbing (bright colors).

Navy blue is the dress code color—black pants are not allowed.

Please note: Next year students will be allowed to wear black sneakers. These must be completely black, including the sole (NO white soles).

  • TASIS white, navy blue, or red polo shirts
  • TASIS navy blue v-neck vest
  • TASIS white or light blue oxford short-sleeved shirts
  • TASIS grey round-neck sweater
  • TASIS navy blue zipped cardigan
  • white or light blue long-sleeved shirt
  • white, grey, and navy blue turtleneck
  • TASIS plaid skirts (hems may not be higher than hand-width from the kneecap)
  • tailored navy blue or beige capri or long trousers*
  • tailored navy blue trousers*
  • TASIS scarf
  • dress shoes or low-heeled (2 cm) shoes with a heel strap
  • black sneakers (completely black, including the sole)

Not permitted:

  • trousers with large pockets, tabs, rivets, or stripes
  • athletic shoes, white soles, rubber rain boots, Uggs, or heavy boots (this policy may be relaxed during inclement weather)
  • heels (exceeding 2 cm)
  • sneakers and shoes with white soles
  • TASIS white, navy blue, or red polo shirts
  • TASIS short-sleeved white or light blue oxford shirts
  • white or light blue long-sleeved shirt
  • white, grey, and navy blue turtleneck
  • TASIS navy blue v-neck vest
  • TASIS light grey v-neck sweater
  • TASIS navy blue zipped cardigan
  • TASIS navy blue suit jacket
  • tailored navy blue, beige, or dark grey trousers or chinos (no outside pockets, no rivets, hemmed, no frayed edges, simple lines, not baggy)
  • dress shoes, oxford (lace-ups) or loafers
  • TASIS striped or dotted tie
  • Boys must wear a belt
  • TASIS scarf
  • black sneakers (completely black, including the sole)

Not permitted:

  • trousers with large pockets, tabs, stripes, or rivets
  • athletic shoes, white soles, heavy boots, or sandals (this policy may be relaxed during inclement weather)

Cry Wolf Off to a Great Start!

Congratulations to directors Matthew Frazier-Smith and Julie Frazier-Smith and the entire cast and crew of Cry Wolf for a tremendous performance in front of a full house in the Palmer Center last night!

The Elementary School Musical will be performed again at 19:00 this evening. All seats have been reserved, but please send an email to if you’d like to be added to the waiting list.

Last night’s performance was filmed and will be uploaded to the TASIS YouTube channel soon, and a gallery of outstanding photographs can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.


Closing Message from the TPA

Dear TASIS Parents,

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, and we look forward to seeing you in September! We will be ready to support each other and our students in the coming school year.

The TPA has many new coordinators, and our goal is to let more people be involved as we develop a new events calendar with lots of interesting activities. To learn more, please have a look at the TPA presentation we shared this week in Casa Fleming at the Potluck Lunch.


TPA Co-Presidents Brunella Pignaton and Laura Colombo 

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