TASIS Represents Mali at Annual THIMUN Conference in The Hague
Posted 02/07/2020 04:00PM

We must fulfill the TASIS mission of training the young to care and to care on a  global scale, to care for the vast number of fellow human beings far less fortunate than they whom we must not abandon, if we expect to live in a world at peace.

– M. Crist Fleming

Leadership, public speaking, spirited debate, and global community—for more than 40 years, the TASIS Model UN program has helped the School realize Founder M. Crist Fleming's vision of creating "not international schools but international human beings.”

Such was the case once again this January, when 15 TASIS students—guided by High School English Teacher Matt Federico and Webmaster Brendan Shea—traveled to the World Forum Convention Center in The Hague, Netherlands, to participate in The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) conference. This ambitious group of young scholars proudly represented the nation of Mali, with Fillip Savrasov ’20 serving as the ambassador of the delegation and four-year THIMUN veteran Moritz Mohr ’20 serving his second year as a deputy chair.

Please enjoy a pictorial review of this year's trip.

Model UN group in Amsterdam

After registering for the conference on Sunday, January 26, the TASIS contingent took a train to visit Amsterdam. This year the group visited the Van Gogh Museum and ate at the Food Department, a new food hall in the Old Town district.

Pre-conference meeting

Before the conference began, the group gathered for a meeting in their hotel. Leader Moritz Mohr ’20 briefed the team on new procedures for this year’s conference.

THIMUN Conference voting procedure

As committees are in session, delegates raise their placards to vote on amendments and resolutions and raise points of interest on debates and speeches.

THIMUN conference notes

Following parliamentary procedure, delegates communicate with each other using handwritten notes that pass via couriers while the committee is in session. From time to time, the notes can get more elaborate—with some including poems, games, cartoons, or, in this case, origami.

THIMUN Conference voting

Chair Moritz Mohr presides over a vote in his committee on legal issues.

Fresh Stroopwafels

The famous Dutch Stroopwafel, a caramel-filled treat, is a popular snack at the conference. A food truck inside the World Forum supplies delegates with freshly made stroopwafels throughout the day.

Dinner at Lil V in the Hague

A major perk during the week of THIMUN is the incredible variety of restaurants available in the international city of The Hague. By chance, the delegations from TASIS Switzerland and TASIS England booked tables next to each other at their favorite restaurant in Chinatown.

Moritz Mohr, Chair at THIMUN

Four-year veteran Mortiz Mohr finished his career at THIMUN with a resounding applause as members of his committee awarded him superlatives in multiple categories on the final day of the conference. For the last two years, he has served as a deputy chair—a leadership position that is awarded to a select group of conference veterans after a rigorous application process.

Filip Savrasov, Ambassador for Mali at THIMUN

Filip Savrasov carried the flag of Mali at the final ceremony in his role as ambassador of the delegation.

Closing Ceremony at THIMUN

The closing ceremony was an impressive event featuring notable speakers, a parade of flags, and a drum corps performance.

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