Annual Giving

Since the donation and transfer of TASIS Lugano to the TASIS Foundation in 1996, hundreds of loyal alumni, parents, and friends have shown their strong support for the School by contributing to our Annual Appeal.

Contributions to the Annual Appeal allow program expansion above and beyond our planned operations. They have provided scholarships, purchased new lab equipment, brought wireless internet connections and LCD projectors to the entire campus, and equipped a state-of-the-art foreign language lab, among many other important projects. These contributions have significantly improved the TASIS educational experience and its facilities.

Contact Yvonne Procyk in the Development Office for more information about the Annual Appeal at

Make a donation online

Check or bank transfer

US DonorsNon-US Donors

By check: 
Please make check payable to the TASIS Foundation, Inc.,
Mail to:

TASIS Foundation, Inc.
107 S West St. Suite 957
Alexandria, VA 22314

By check: 
Please make check payable to the TASIS Foundation
Mail to:

TASIS Development Office
Via Collina d’Oro
6926 Montagnola, Switzerland

For wire transfer information, please contact the development office by emailing

Other Ways to Give

  • Gifts of corporate stock are much appreciated. The tax benefits of giving stock instead of cash can add greatly to the net value of your gift to the School.
  • Corporate matching gifts are often available from US and international corporations that match their employees’ contributions to organizations such as TASIS. Your employer’s Human Resources Department can tell you if they offer a match, which can often double the amount of your gift.
  • Donors can also contribute to TASIS through life insurance. A donor may contribute an existing life insurance policy or designate the School as the owner and beneficiary of a new policy. In either case, the value of the existing policy (or the amount of the donor’s investment, if less) and annual premium payments are fully deductible as charitable contributions.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust would also benefit TASIS and a U.S. Donor. A CRT is an arrangement in which property or money is donated to a charity, but the donor (or grantor) continues to use the property and/or receive income from it while living. The beneficiaries receive the income, and the charity receives the principal after a specified period of time. The grantor avoids any capital gains tax on the donated assets and also gets an income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the remainder interest that the trust earned. In addition, the asset is removed from the estate, reducing subsequent estate taxes.
  • gift-in-kind is a non-cash gift such as an airline ticket credit from a donor’s accrued frequent-flier mileage account or a camera for the Art Department. Donors who wish to contribute gifts-in-kind to the School should first consult with the Development Office as the value needs to be independently determined for tax- deductibility.
  • Time and goodwill are also welcome gifts. Over the years, alumni, parents, and friends have supported TASIS in a variety of ways, spreading the good word about TASIS to prospective families, organizing reunions, or serving as an Alumni Annual Fund Chair, as a Class Agent, or as a member on the Board of Directors. TASIS takes great pride in the support we receive from the broader TASIS family.


Annual Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are we asked to give money?
Your gift to TASIS helps sustain and enhance Mrs. Fleming’s vision of an outstanding international school that nurtures and educates responsible citizens of the world. TASIS became a non-profit school when Mrs. Fleming gifted the assets of the school to the TASIS Foundation in 1996. Tuition and fees benefit the students directly. Gifts to the school enhance existing programs, enrich the curriculum, help improve the facilities, and help assure that TASIS remains a world-class educational institution.

2. What is the Annual Appeal?
The Annual Appeal is made up of gifts donated by former students, current and past parents, and other friends of the School. These gifts help pay for important school projects, program enhancements, and financial aid.

3. How do I give?
One way is to watch for the letter from the Annual Appeal to arrive in your mailbox. Simply fill out the form that accompanies the letter and send it in. Gifts can be made by cash, credit card, bank transfer, or personal check.

4. How much should I give?
Regular participation is the goal. We ask all who choose to participate to do so generously, according to their financial means.

5. Can I choose how the School uses my gift?
Yes. You can give an unrestricted gift to the school, which allows TASIS to determine where your gift is most needed, or you may designate how you would like your gift to be used.

6. Does TASIS only accept gifts of money?
Gifts of company stock, classroom equipment, airline ticket credit, bequests, and other gifts appropriate to the needs of the School are sincerely appreciated. One graduating class even gave the school a new van! Please contact the Development Office for more information.

7. Is my gift tax-deductible?
For U.S. taxpayers, gifts may be deducted from U.S. income tax. Checks should be made payable to the TASIS Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts by Swiss citizens and C Permit holders are also tax-deductible, within the limits fixed by the Canton of the donor and Bern. For other countries, please refer to the tax regulations specific to your situation.

8. What is a matching gift program? Do all companies have one?
A matching gift program allows people to have their gift to TASIS matched by the company for which they work. While not all companies have a matching gift program, many with headquarters based in the United States do match employee gifts to international schools. If the corporation you work for offers a matching gift program, its human resources department will give you a form to fill out. This form should be sent to the TASIS Foundation, Inc., along with your Annual Appeal gift. A matching gift can increase the amount of your donation 50-100%!

9. Can I leave TASIS a gift through my will or estate?
Of course! Remembering TASIS in your will is one of the finest ways to assure that the school continues to flourish in the years ahead. Membership in the TASIS Legacy Society means you have informed us of your intention to support the school even after you are gone. Consult your attorney or tax advisor about adding a simple codicil to your will that names TASIS as a beneficiary. Future generations of TASIS students will appreciate your foresight. Visit the M. Crist Fleming Legacy Society sitepage for more information.

TASIS Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization and gifts by U.S. taxpayers are deductible as permitted by law (tax ID#13-6225772). Gifts by Swiss citizens and C Permit holders to TASIS Foundation are tax-deductible within the limits fixed by the donor’s canton and Bern. For other countries, please consult your tax advisor.

Contact Yvonne Procyk in the Development Office for more information.

Yvonne Procyk
Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations 
Tel: + 41 91 960 5181

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