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HS Weekend Activities

Start Date: Sunday - September 29, 2019

Friday (27/09)

  • Nachos and colouring in the Snack Bar 20:00

SATURDAY (28/09):

  • Full-day trip to Interlaken 

Departure from TASIS: 7:30

Arrive at Interlaken: approximately 11:00

Depart Interlaken: 18:30 

Arrive back to TASIS: approximately 22:00

The activity options for this trip are; Canyoning, Canyon Swing, The Adventure Park, and Paragliding. To find out more details about the activities on offer, please follow the link to the survey. In addition to this, if this does not clash with your activity choice, you can meet a chaperone for a meal at a great selected restaurant. Come and join in the conversation and enjoy the great food on offer, also, TASIS will contribute towards your meal! Meet at El Azteca restaurant if you would like Mexican food for lunch or at Layaly Beirut for Lebanese/Mediterranean food for dinner. You can also sign up for the trip and not select one of these options, just to enjoy exploring the town.



Sunday (29/09):

  • TASIS community dog walk in the trails - 13:30

All faculty, staff, and day students: Bring your dogs to campus and we will go for a group walk in the trails -- If you do not have a dog, if you miss your own dog, or if you just love dogs or walking, you are especially welcome to join!

  • Afternoon bagels & music on De Nobili terrace - 15:00

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