What are the common responsibilities of TASIS teachers?

The responsibilities of TASIS faculty vary, but full-time teachers can expect a range of academic and extracurricular responsibilities. Most faculty teach four or five class sections. Approximately 250 Middle and High School students live in school dormitories, where they are supervised by faculty who take turns providing evening and weekend supervision. Our sports and activities offerings include traditional team sports, recreational pursuits, and other student clubs and volunteer opportunities. Middle and High School faculty also have about ten student advisees and serve as trip chaperones throughout the year. Elementary school teachers may have similar supervisory duties outside the class day, appropriate to their background and schedule.

What experience or qualifications are expected?

  • BA minimum; MA preferred in chosen field
  • 2 years prior teaching experience
  • Experience with sports, arts, service, or other extracurricular clubs
  • Background in residential education preferred
  • Experience living or working overseas preferred

What is the living situation for faculty?

Most new faculty live in apartments rented from the school. Some are in student dormitories, some on the edge of campus, and some within a 5–10 minute walk. In return for the rent paid by faculty, the school provides furnishings, basic appliances, utilities, a home phone, and internet service. A weekly cleaning service is provided for the in-dormitory apartments.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

Our average class size is 14. Some classes are as small as 3–4 students. Classes rarely have more than 18 students but can be as high as 20 or in the low 20s.

What are the evaluation and teacher development opportunities?

Our teachers are routinely evaluated by relevant Department Chairs, students, and administrators. These evaluations are discussed at length with the teacher, the Headmaster, and the Academic Dean, and goals are set for the next evaluation period. Department Chairs work closely with their teachers, meeting at least once per month to discuss relevant issues. TASIS has budgeted funds to subsidize professional development activities, including summer study for returning faculty. Other development opportunities include travel to IB conferences and participation in various workshops and conferences geared toward international school staff.

What is the TASIS curriculum?

The TASIS diploma includes work in a variety of disciplines, which results in a well-rounded college preparatory education. These disciplines include English, History, Math, Science, various Humanities courses, Fine Arts, and proficiency in a language other than English. We offer Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses for eligible students. Since a majority of our students are non-native speakers of English, we offer various English as an Additional Language courses in humanities and the sciences to ensure appropriate instruction for these students.

What are some of the travel opportunities at TASIS?

The TASIS campus is ideally situated for many types of travel. Our school-sponsored travel program includes weekend day and overnight trips in School vans to destinations within a few hours drive of the School (e.g., northern Italy and various destinations in central Switzerland). Shorter day trips to closer destinations, such as Como and Lucerne, are also common. Teachers may also organize optional two-week Spring Break trips.

Twice a year, Middle and High School teachers and students relocate to various destinations, usually in Europe or northern Africa, as part of our Academic Travel Program. Chaperoning these trips is a requirement for most Middle and High School faculty.

Where can I apply?

To apply for a position at TASIS, please fill out our online Faculty Application for Employment. You will be able to upload a resume to this application. Thank you.