TASIS Faculty agree contractually that they will maintain the highest standards of professional, personal, and moral conduct. The School requires its faculty and staff members to be well above the norm—to conduct themselves and lead their students only in such ways that will generate positive effects upon their students, upon the School, and upon all the School's constituencies. No individual is to adversely affect a student's academic or personal growth, the functioning of the School, or its reputation. 

All faculty take upon themselves the serious responsibility of being educators—professionals who serve as the finest role models for our students. Our faculty have the enviable job of being able to affect the lives of young men and women in a positive manner. They are professionals who serve as the finest role models for our students. 

TASIS cannot legislate values for its faculty and staff. Instead, TASIS expects its faculty and staff to live their lives at this school under both moral and professional codes that will further the School's educational goals.

To learn more about the School's philosophy and the expectations it has for all employees, please review the TASIS Mission Statement, the TASIS Paideia—a foundational document that outlines a set of themes, concepts, and policies meant to orient the governance and procedures of the TASIS schools—and these additional documents published by the TASIS Foundation.