Learning Resource Center


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides services to the TASIS community designed to support and enhance the educational experience of students, parents, and faculty in our learning community. The LRC offers a variety of programs and services, some of which can be accessed by all members of the community and others that are available only via qualification or psychometric evaluation.

Services and Fees
Basic Services

Fees for enrollment in the LRC for the 2017–2018 academic year are as follows:

  • Elementary School: CHF 750
  • Middle School: CHF 1,000
  • High School: CHF 1,500

These fees help support the costs of delivering Basic Services, which include the following:

  • formulation of a Learning Support Plan (LSP) describing your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and detailing the accommodations he or she is entitled to on the basis of his or her learning difference*
  • yearly LSP meeting with parents, teachers, and the student
  • “push-in” services and formal bi-yearly feedback to parents
  • consultations with LRC staff on an as-needed basis
  • provision of extended time on internal tests and exams
  • applications to external testing agencies for accommodations on external exams (e.g., PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and IB)

* The type of classroom accommodations varies by diagnosis and age of the student. In all cases, however, the goal of providing accommodations is to remove obstacles to performance so that the student has equal opportunity to learn and to demonstrate his or her competence.

Additional Services for Students

For students requiring remediation, the LRC will organize and deliver specialized “pull-out” instruction in specific academic areas (e.g., reading, writing, math) during the course of the school day. These services are only available to students in the Elementary or Middle School, as High School students requiring remediation are referred to the TASIS Tutoring Program and pay for services accordingly. Pull-out remediation for groups with 3–4 students are subject to the following price structure:

  • CHF  3,375 for three 45-minute sessions per week
  • CHF  4,500 for four 45-minute sessions per week
  • CHF  5,625 for five 45-minute sessions per week

Pull-out sessions that involve 1–2 students per group are subject to the following price structure:

  • CHF  4.320 for three 45-minute sessions per week
  • CHF  5,760 for four 45-minute sessions per week
  • CHF  7,200 for five 45-minute sessions per week

Please note that despite the best efforts of children, parents, and teachers, interventions and accommodations sometimes are not sufficient for a student to succeed academically. In those instances, an appropriate conclusion is a misfit between the child and the School program and the response to such situations is to find a school more suited to the child’s educational needs.

Organizational/Study Skills Tutorial

Beginning in September 2016, the LRC began offering an Organizational/Study Skills (OSS) Tutorial. In addition to students diagnosed with ADHD, many students with specific learning differences (dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia) also experience difficulties with executive function skills. Executive functions include a variety of skills important for academic success, including regulating attention and emotions, selecting and initiating relevant task goals, planning and organization, shifting problem solving strategies, self-monitoring, sustaining concentration, and working memory. LRC staff will be providing a semester-by-semester OSS Tutorial for students in the MS and HS who are enrolled in the LRC. The sessions will be held twice weekly, and lessons will be interwoven with students’ actual homework assignments, projects, and tests. General themes will include planning and organization, time management, prioritizing and organizing homework assignments, note-taking skills, memorization strategies, test preparation, and emotion regulation. Similar to the “pull-out” remediation, the OSS Tutorial will be delivered by a learning specialist in a 4:1 student to teacher format. In the MS, it may be possible to offer the OSS Tutorial during the study hall period, but the diversity of the HS schedule would necessitate an after-school program. Fees for the OSS Tutorial will be CHF 1,200 for each semester. Parents may choose to enroll their child in the fall semester, spring semester, or both.

Services to the Community

Operating as a community resource, the LRC works to provide a variety of programs and initiatives to improve the educational experience and learning opportunities for all. Some of these services are available free of charge whereas others involve fees for service. Examples of community services include the following:

  • workshops in learning strategies, stress management interventions, and parent education groups
  • consultations with faculty and parents regarding pathways to student success
  • professional development training for faculty and staff
Admission Requirements

Students with diagnosed learning differences are admitted to TASIS based on the following criteria:

  • average or above average intellectual ability (as measured by standardized IQ tests)
  • excellent motivation, a positive attitude, and a good work ethic
  • committed to participating fully in the life of the School
  • seeks and would benefit from a college preparatory program
  • committed to learning or perfecting English language skills (whether native or non-native speakers)
  • committed to being a good citizen, in sympathy with the program

As TASIS does not have a full range of learning support services, admission of a student with learning differences is contingent upon a match between the level of service available and the needs of the student and family based on multiple sources of information. A student’s acceptance and continued placement at TASIS is dependent upon full disclosure during the admissions process. Failure to fully disclose information regarding a student’s learning differences may jeopardize his or her current and future placement at TASIS.

The policy of the Learning Resource Center requires that a student has received a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation within the past three years from an appropriate psychometric evaluator (e.g., clinical, neuropsychological, and/or educational psychologist). If the testing and report are not in English, the family will need to have it translated prior to submitting the report to TASIS. The evaluation must include the following:

  • standardized IQ test with reported standard scores and percentile ranks (e.g., WISC, WAIS, Stanford-Binet)
  • standardized achievement test with reported standard scores and percentile ranks (e.g., WIAT, Woodcock Johnson)
  • other standardized tests related to the referral question (e.g., reading, short-term memory, attention, emotional functioning)
  • diagnosis by a recognized diagnostic system (e.g., DSM-V or ICD-10)
  • comparison of a student’s performance on timed and untimed tests if the student is seeking extended time as an accommodation
  • list of recommended accommodations based on the results of the evaluation
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